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Lost Judgment and Before We Leave are free to play on Xbox this weekend

Part of free Play Days.

Xbox users can play Lost Judgment and Before We Leave this weekend for nada.

The free weekend kicks off today and runs through Sunday, March 27 at 11:59pm PT, which is Monday, March 28 at 2:59am ET.

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Lost Judgment has you playing as private detective Yagami who must uravel how a convicted police officer can have committed two separate crimes in different places at the same time. You will be testing your sleuthing skills using gadgets and by tailing suspects.

You can also go undercover at the local high school, build robotics, take to the boxing ring, and join an underground race club. As you get closer to the truth, you will need to battle it out and eventually be faced with a decision: do you defend the law, or enact justice?

In Before We Leave, you and your friends have emerged from a shelter ready to rebuild society. In this city builder, you will need to take care of a reborn civilization. You do this by growing and maintaining settlements, rediscovering lost technology, and by managing pollution. Just be aware that the ancient guardians of the universe are "out there, and they’re hungry."

Purchasing either game will allow you to continue playing while keeping your Gamerscore and earned achievements.

Before We Leave is also on sale during this time for 50% off at $10.00.

And don't forget: Far Cry 6 is also available to play for free this weekend on Xbox and other platforms and also on sale.

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