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Resident Evil Village has now shipped 5 million units, selling faster than Resident Evil 7

Capcom has announced that Resident Evil Village has hit another sales milestone in its latest financial results call.

It feels like only yesterday we heard that Resident Evil Village hit the 4.5 million sales mark, and now Capcom has announced that the game has shipped over 5 million units since its launch back in May.

Capcom has announced that Resident Evil Village has sold yet another 500,000 units since we last got an update from the publisher, pushing the horror game's total sales (digitally and physically) to over 5 million.

And the publisher knows why the game has been so popular, too. "In addition to providing a sense of scale that outdoes its predecessor, as well as storytelling that rises above the genre of horror games, this title was lauded for featuring a higher degree of action and even more expansive, highly engaging gameplay," the statement notes.

Village is selling faster than Resident Evil 7, and had the best Steam launch ever for a Resident Evil game and there's likely a longer tail left for the title as the promise of more PvP content in Resident Evil Re:Verse and hastily-added single-player DLC continue to fuel sales.

The Capcom release also noted that Resident Evil 7 is now at the impressive 10 million units sold mark, thus keeping its status as the series' best-selling game (for now). Village is a likely contender, though, especially as it starts going on sale and more content releases for the off-beat horror game.

It's all music to Capcom's ears: Resident Evil, as a series, is now well over the 100 million sales point – and as it starts to get more popular thanks to various Netflix projects and more mainstream-adjacent content, those figures are only liable to swell even more.

You can read our Resident Evil Village review here, and if you've yet to jump into Ethan Winters' bizarre journey, you may want to go in with part one of our Resident Evil Village walkthrough.

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