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We're getting a look at Halo Infinite campaign gameplay today

343 is finally ready to show more of the Halo Infinite campaign.

Thanks to a string of closed betas for Halo Infinite, we've definitely seen and played quite a bit of the game's multiplayer already. But since its much derided showing over a year ago, we've yet to get an updated look at the game's campaign.

This changes today, because Microsoft and developer 343 Industries are finally ready to show us more of the game's campaign. The developer is hosting a special livestream today at 6am PT, 9am ET, 2pm UK.

343 didn't say how long the showcase is going to be, or really tease anything specific we should expect (other than it’ll have Chief fighting the Banished). The show will be streamed live on the Xbox YouTube channel - which we've embedded below.

While the Halo Infinite campaign will launch alongside the game's free-to-play multiplayer, it won't support co-op at launch. The feature is instead scheduled to arrive roughly six months later.

Halo Infinite is out December 8 on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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