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Warzone Spectral Blast and how to play as a ghost in Warzone

Seeking vengeance from beyond the grave

Raven is celebrating Halloween in Warzone again with Warzone’s The Ghost of Verdansk mode, and if you want to make the most of your time among the dead, you’ll need to make smart use of the Spectral Blast ability.

It's just one part of Warzone's The Haunting event, though. Fear governs the battlefield, and both ghosts and the living can make good use of it to win.

Warzone Spectral Blast - How to use Spectral Blast

You can only use Spectral Blast, or any ghostly power, after your Operator dies in a match. They’ll turn into a spirit and can haunt other Operators with potentially fatal consequences.

Warzone Spectral Blast - How to play as a ghost in Verdansk

Once your Operator stops, well, operating normally, you get access to a new range of moves.

Swipe attack

The chief one is actually the swipe attack. Use this to instill fear in your target, and once the fear meter maxes out, they’ll be paralyzed with terror and easier to kill. If you end an enemy with the swipe, you can collect their soul. Gathering three souls will bring your dead Operator back to life.

Super Jump

This one is self-explanatory. Super Jump lets you leap through the air to cover large distances.


Ghosts can also teleport short distances, though this ability has a longer cooldown timer.

Spectral Blast

Spectral Blast temporarily stuns nearby Operators and stops vehicles from functioning. Its uses are many, but it’s particularly helpful in setting enemies up for attack so you can harvest their souls.

Warzone Ghosts of Verdansk tips

Ghosts work best at close proximity to their victims, so you’ll have an easier time getting back to life if you lurk in confined spaces. This also makes it easier to land a finishing move on your prey, and if you manage to do that, you’ll automatically come back to life no matter how many souls you’ve gathered.

If you’re in a duos or squad match, try closing in when your target is separated from their teammate. Otherwise, they can gang up on you and reduce fear level in the process.

Warzone Ghosts of Verdansk - How to reduce fear in Warzone

There are other ways to reduce fear while you’re still alive. You can:

  • Take advantage of Sacred Ground areas
  • Revive a squad mate
  • Complete a contract
  • Kill a ghost or enemy Operator

Even without a ghost around, your fear will increase if you:

  • Stay in one place too long
  • See a teammate die
  • Witness an enemy killstreak
  • See a ghost

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