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Call of Duty: Warzone Season 4 - How to enter the secret Wine Bottle room

If you've been curious about what the bottles are for, here's your answer!

If you’ve been playing Fortune’s Keep ever since the launch of Call of Duty: Warzone Season 4 you might have found a few wine bottles around the map which seemingly do nothing. Well, believe it or not, these wine bottles are keys to an incredibly valuable easter egg hidden at the core of the map - the hidden wine bottle room.

For those looking to break into the hidden wine room in Warzone Pacific, we’ve written up this guide on how to find wine bottles, what you do with wine bottles on Fortune’s Keep, and the wine bottle secret room and its rewards.

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How to find wine bottles on Fortune’s Keep?

You can find wine bottles spread across the buildings around the Keep POI, as well as within the Keep itself. There are numerous bottles, far more than you’ll actually need. When trying to acquire bottles, you can either go out and hunt them down, or wait by the secret door and wipe out a player who has done the legwork for you.

A wine bottle dropped by a player in Warzone season 4
You can always just wait and camp for easy wine bottles...

Since the area actually inside the Keep is bound to be an intense zone at the start, we’ve picked out two spots that are away from the action, which gives you a better chance of actually grabbing two bottles before you have to brave the Keep itself. Bear in mind that by doing this, you open up the possibility that another player could crack the room quicker.

A map shot for the rooftop wine bottle on Fortune's Keep in Warzone season 4
Here's where the first bottle is on the map

The first bottle we’ve picked out can be found on the rooftop West of the Keep. You can find it on a small table under an umbrella. You can either parachute down on the rough from game-start, or you can do some roof-hopping to make it there quickly.

A wine bottle on a house rooftop on Fortune's Keep in Warzone Season 4
Waiting for you on this lovely rooftop table.
A map shot for the kitchen wine bottle in Warzone season 4
Here's the second wine bottle location

The second, can be found on the ground floor of the large apartment block North East of the Keep, next to the building we mentioned earlier. Run to the North West corner of the building, run inside, and head to the kitchen to your right. There, on the kitchen counter, you’ll find the second bottle.

Wine bottle in a keep kitchen in Warzone Season 4
Nab this wine bottle and you're good to go!

Where do you take the wine bottles?

Once you have two wine bottles, start running into the Keep POI in the centre of the island. Once you’re there, you’ll want to start rushing to the East of the building to the main interior. Once inside and surrounded by lush wooden furniture and artefacts, you want to head upwards until you reach the massive dining room.

When you reach the dining room, run to the East wall to the empty wooden shelf right in the middle of the room. Once you walk up to it, you’ll have a prompt to place the wine bottles. Do so, and the secret door will slowly open, so watch out for other players who’ll try and nab your prize!

The secret wine room opening on Fortune's Keep in Warzone season 4
You've done it!

Once you get inside, you’ll be greeted with a lovely selection of loot. This includes:

  • A golden riot shield
  • A throwing axe melee weapon
  • $5000
  • Two legendary (orange) weapons
  • A classified shotgun

As such, it’s absolutely worth popping over to the room at least once for a nice amount of cash and some powerful weapons. Now, you could just get a loadout, but where’s the fun in that. Do it once just to see it, then work for that Fortune’s Keep!

That wraps up our guide on wine bottles and how to access the hidden wine room on Fortune’s Keep. For more Warzone season 4 guides, check out our guides on how to find golden keycards and open mercenary vaults, as well as how to summon a zombie on Fortune’s Keep!

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