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The Fortune's Keep wall glitch is plaguing an otherwise brilliant Warzone map, and there's no fix in sight.

With full squads shooting through select walls, some of the shine is coming off Fortune's Keep.

There’s a nasty wall glitch in Fortune’s Keep, the latest map added to Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific as as part of the season 4 update released last month. First discovered at the tail end of June, this bug allows players to hide out of sight from other players within one of the small buildings on the map’s outskirts and shoot outward at unsuspecting enemies.

While thankfully limited to a specific corner of the island, it nonetheless turned an otherwise regular spot into a treacherous location for anyone not in the know. While we won’t explain how to wiggle inside the walls here, it’s tragically easy to do, and requires not even five minutes of googling to discover.

Check out the recetn Warzone season 4 combat pack trailer here!

This is by no means the first major glitch that has popped up in Warzone. Only recently, bugs that allowed players to unlock a variety of weapon camos have been widely used, making it difficult to determine which players have earned certain skins legitimately in genuine matches.

As to whether this wall glitch will be fixed soon, there’s currently no sign of this being a priority issue on either the Raven Software Twitter account nor their Trello board, where known bugs and issues are usually displayed. As such, unless a stealth patch is on the way to remove this glitch, it’s best to avoid the buildings East of the island for now.

For those tempted to try it out themselves, do so at your own risk. While bans for abusing glitches are rare in Warzone, using this glitch maliciously to take out other players could get your reported en masse. This has the potential to lead to legitimate punishment.

If you’re looking for some guides on Fortune’s Keep, you can read our pieces on how to enter the secret wine bottle room, as well as how to summon a zombie on Fortune’s Keep.

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