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What are you playing this weekend?

It's the weekend already?

It's the weekend. What are you going to do with it?

Surely you plan on playing some games like we are, but there may be other things on your plate. If so, hurry and finish up so you can relax and kill some time with your console or PC.

Here's what we're getting into this weekend:

Cover image for YouTube videoSeason Four 'Mercenaries of Fortune' Launch Trailer | Call of Duty: Vanguard & Warzone

Connor Makar, Contributor - Redacted, Warzone

This weekend, it's more embargoed stuff for me, although I'll also be dropping some time into Warzone Season 4.

It's probably the best seasonal update we've seen in Warzone Pacific since Rebirth Island got its major overhaul a few months back. Fortune's Keep is brilliant, and the new vaults around Caldera are a nice touch too.

Cover image for YouTube videoSonic Origins - Official Trailer

Dom Peppiatt, Features Editor - Sonic Origins

I’ve got some cozy memories of being a kid, sitting in my tiny little box bedroom with my sister, playing Sonic the Hedgehog on my Mega Drive. We’d take it in turns to control Sonic, trading the pad back and forth as we inevitably got spiked, bonked, or burned by Robotnic and his machinations. No, wait – that’s not quite right. Because I am younger, I’d often be relegated to the perennial ‘player 2’ status and have to try and keep up with the Blue Blur as the feckless Tails, chasing after my sister as she dashed off to box Eggman’s ears with me panting desperately behind her.

Anyway. Fast-forward some 20 years, and we’re here, and I’ve got some beers in the fridge and Sonic Origins downloading to my Xbox. I’ve got the house to myself, my hi-fi wired up (shame about the lack of OG Sonic 3 music), and I plan to play through all of the original Sonic trilogies as the eponymous hedgehog himself. That’s right, world. No more Tails for me. No more Player 2. This is my night. Well, mine and Sonic’s…

It’s just a shame Knuckles is the better character, ey?

Cover image for YouTube videoUpdate 32: Rangers and Ruins Launch Trailer - The Lord of the Rings Online

Stephany Nunneley, News Editor - LOTRO

I'm back on The Lord of the Rings Online horse this weekend.

Life keeps getting in the way of my game time, but this weekend, I plan on pushing some of life aside to celebrate the Great Wedding of Aragorn and Arwen. For you see, the Midsummer Festival is on, and everyone's favorite lovers are getting hitched. Now that Sauron is nothing but dust, and Aragorn (or Elessar if you will) is king, it means he can finally marry Arwen despite Elrond's hesitation.

Alongside wedding festivities, there's plenty more to do in Middle-earth. I plan on doing as many quests as possible so I can use my hard-earned tokens to acquire the Wedding Ring Fireworks skill. There's also a new kite, and I don't think I have the two chipmunks as pets, yet. I will have to look in my pet collection to check first.

There aren't any new horses this year, or outfits, but Standing Stone Games has been super busy of late, what with the influx of new free-to-play players, the Rangers and Ruins update, and they are just winding down from the 15th Anniversary celebration which was huge - and something I missed out on.

But, August will see the return of the Farmers’ Faire, and there will be new rewards, so that's something else to look forward to. I'm a sucker for a new dress and horse.

So, that's us. What do you plan on doing this weekend? Whatcha playin'? Are you planning to spend some money on Steam with the sale going on? Let us know!

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