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If you want to play Warzone Mobile as soon as possible, now’s your chance

If you're eager to jump into Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile as early as possible, you can throw your name in the ring.

Just a few hours before the big Call of Duty: Next event, pre-registrations for Warzone Mobile have officially gone live in some parts of the world. As it stands, this is only limited to the Android version of the game.

While those looking to play Warzone Mobile on iOS currently have no way to pre-register, it's likely that they will open up today during or following the show.

Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile was only recently announced, but eager players saw that Android pre-registrations have opened on the Google Play Store. Clicking the button simply means you can pre-install it once it goes live, which is helpful in cases where the game is rolling out gradually.

Pre-registering in this case also earns you some rewards when the game goes live, which doesn't hurt. We know practically nothing about the game at this stage, however.

Unfortunately, Warzone Mobile's Google Play Store page doesn't have much new information, either. It still displays the same screenshot, repeated over and over. It does, however, show the Verdansk train station, indicating that this will be the game's launch map.

Warzone Mobile does not share continuity with the big-boy Warzone on PC and consoles. It will exist on its own as a separate entity, just like Call of Duty: Mobile.

Previously known under the codename Project Aurora, Warzone Mobile entered closed testing sometime in May. While an actual release date has yet to be announced, it's a safe bet that Call of Duty: Next will share more solid details there.

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