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Call of Duty: Warzone Season 4 - How to dig up buried treasure and find shovels

Arrrgh, we're digging for pirate gold!

In Warzone Season 4 - Mercenaries of Fortune - we’re on a hunt for buried treasure! Not only is this a critical part of the seasonal challenge event, it’s also a darn good way to nab yourself some valuable weapons and equipment early on in a game of Fortune’s Keep. But first things first, we need to actually find the buried treasure - and a shovel.

As such, we’ve created this guide on where to find buried treasure on Fortune’s Keep, where to find shovels, and how to actually go about digging up the buried treasure in Warzone Pacific.

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Warzone Season 4 - Where to find a shovel

Before you even start your journey to find buried treasure, you’ll first need to acquire a shovel. These special items are hidden across the map in a variety of POIs. However, as a rule of thumb, where you find a shovel you can be sure to find buried treasure nearby.

Several shovel locations we recommend jumping into on game-start are the Graveyard, the small beach north of the Graveyard, and the Lighthouse.

The Graveyard will likely be a highly contested drop, as that’s the location of additional easter eggs which provide its own valuable rewards, but if you can handle the pressure you can find a shovel next to an open grave.

Shovel on the north beach in Warzone season 4
An easy shovel to find, right next to several buried treasure locations!

The beach north of the Graveyard is not only the location of several treasure spots, but you can find a shovel next to a fire pit near some sun umbrellas. The tricky thing about this spot is you’re right out in the open, and players who brave the Graveyard will soon be running your way with a high ground advantage.

The lighthouse shovel in Warzone season 4
One of the safer options if you want to grab a shovel

The Lighthouse, for our money, is the best spot for those looking to dig up treasure in relative safety. You can find a shovel at the top of the lighthouse overlooking some small buildings and a beach below. Either drop right at the top of the lighthouse, or clear out the surrounding area and make your way up!

However, there is a shadier, sketchier option. Refer below for locations of buried treasure, and camp them out until someone with a shovel comes by. You’ll have to be quick looting it though, as you can bet on them quickly diving back down for revenge, but you can quickly nab some loot without doing much work if you’re fast enough.

Shovel dropped by dead player in Warzone season 4
You can always just murder other players - why not!

Warzone Season 4 - Where to find buried treasure

Once you have a shovel, you’ll want to make your way to one of the beaches on the perimeter of Fortune’s Keep. This includes the beach north of the Graveyard that we mentioned earlier and the beach east of the Lighthouse.

A pile of sand hiding buried treasure in Warzone season 4
It can be hard to see, but piles of sand are quite numerous across the map's beaches!
Loot from buried treasure in Warzone season 4
Once you've dug up the treasure - the loot is yours!

Once you make it to either of these locations - you’re looking for mounds of sand on the beaches. These small piles of sand are where buried locations can be found! All you have to do now is walk up to one of these sand piles and a dig prompt will appear. Dig up the sand and loot will pop up from the ground - including rare weapons, armour plates, gold, and other goodies!

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