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Back 4 Blood has attracted over 6 million players

Turtle Rock Studios has announced that its co-op undead shooter has had over 6 million players – just two weeks after launch

If you needed yet another example as to why Xbox Game Pass is a boon for publishers and developers, look no further than Turtle Rock's new co-op shooter, Back 4 Blood: in the two weeks since launch, the game has attracted a massive 6 million-plus players – no mean feat in the busy season, eh?

The developer made the announcement via the official Back 4 Blood Twitter account yesterday, in which it thanked the Cleaners that have jumped into the game so far for their hard work in eradicating the massing undead.

We knew the game was going to be a hit before it even came out – the title managed to attract 100,000 players to its beta and became one of Steam's most actively played games in just a few hours.

Given the game's highest concurrent player count on Steam has been 65,987 (with 32,000+ players still playing the game on PC at the time of writing), it stands to reason that a large portion of the players in that 6 million figure quoted in the tweet has come to the game via Xbox.

Despite some players' irritations with the way the game disables progression if you're playing in single-player, there's a lot to love about the game – one such thing being the way the developer lets everyone play the DLC, even if only the party leader owns it.

It remains to be seen whether or not the game will continue to retain these player numbers, or whether interest will drop off as other games launch in the busy holiday season.

For now, though, it's worth celebrating the fact that a spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead can still find this much of an audience in 2021. Check out our Back 4 Blood review if you're still undecided on whether or not to pick it up, and catch up with our Back 4 Blood tips if you're getting ready to go back and fight the Ridden.

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