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Back 4 Blood beta became one of Steam's most actively played games in just a few hours

You can tell so many people have been itching to play Back 4 Blood.

The first Back 4 Blood beta launched less than 24 hours ago on all platforms. Despite being limited to pre-order players, and those who managed to get a code from giveaways and Twitch drops, the beta has been very popular in its first few hours.

The player count continued to rise as initial server woes dissipated, with the game peaking at 88,403 players on Steam, according to SteamDB. This landed Back 4 Blood comfortably into Steam's top ten list of the most actively played game. Considering it was late on a Thursday for most of Europe when the beta went live, today and this weekend will no doubt boost these numbers even further.

While we don't have access to console figures, things are likely in a similar spot. The beta does support cross-play, so players are more encouraged to stay on their platform of choice without breaking up the group.

This current round of the beta will be available until Monday, August 9. The next beta session, taking place August 12-16, will be completely open. Content is the same across both beta sessions, with two full PvE missions, five of the eight survivors, all weapons, as well as PvP open for players.

I was particularly curious about Back 4 Blood's deck building system, and I found it to be one of the game's greatest qualities. You can read our preview at the link.

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