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Back 4 Blood devs seem to tease some cult shenanigans in second expansion

A release date hasn't been set for the next expansion as of yet.

The next Back 4 Blood expansion still doesn't have a release date, but developer Turtle Rock has at least offered a small tease of it.

Earlier this week (July 15), the official Back 4 Blood Twitter put out a tweet saying that while it would "love to confirm the release date" for the game's second expansion, the team needs "a bit more time." According to Turtle Rock, "it's an exciting update and we're so pumped, it's been like a cult around these parts."

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That mention of a cult in the text of the tweet, paired with the image posted alongside it, certainly makes it seem like players will get to experience a romp through a cult's compound, though what that will entail exactly isn't clear from the tweet.

A tease for the next act was included in the tweet too, with part of the tweet reading "some of us are so giddy that we Act like we're 5," the capitalisation of act and the numerical use of five pretty obviously pointing towards the next act. Meaning that some more campaign missions are almost definitely on the way.

Earlier this year, Turtle Rock launched its first expansion, Tunnels of Terror, which added in two new characters, and three new Ridden (the in-game name for zombies). A new co-op mode was added in too, called Ridden Hives, which sent players down into maze-like underground tunnels to fend off the Ridden.

The second expansion could potentially offer something similar, and a cult compound certainly sounds like a great location for some co-op gameplay.

In our Back 4 Blood review, we gave the game 4/5 stars, noting how the game manages to pull off a careful mix of old-school and modern gameplay, that's engaging just because of how good it is, without needing to use progress bars.

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