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Fortnite Spooky TV Set locations | Where to use destroy spooky TV sets, use CB radios, and more

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 is due to wrap up very soon, with Season 7 launching on June 8th. The new Foreshadowing questline aims to bridge the gap and advance the story.

There are five parts to this questline, requiring you to complete a series of Epic Quests in a given order. Fortunately, you don't need to do all of them in a single match.

Currently, there are four active quests in this storyline.

Key locations for the currently active quests are marked on the map below. A yellow circle marks out a telescope location, a red circle marks out a CB radio, and a pink circle marks out a spooky TV set. The green circle shows the location of the Downed Black Helicopter.

You can find more details on how to complete each quest step-by-step below:

Where to Repair Damaged Telescopes in Fortnite

There are five damaged telescopes located all around the map, and you need to repair all of them to complete the quest. You can do this across multiple matches. You need 20 Metal per telescope to carry out the repairs.

All of these telescopes are set up in places where you might reasonably expect them to be: on high ground and/or near the coast.

There's one on the Lighthouse island to the northeast of Stealthy Stronghold. It's on a clifftop on the island's southwest corner, overlooking Coral Castle.

Another can be found in the Craggy Cliffs area. Head northwest of the radio tower to the very edge of the cliffs. The telescope is partly hidden behind some rocks there.

There's one on the small mountaintop to the southeast of Retail Row.

Another is right on the coast, south of the mountain range that separates Catty Corner from the ocean. It's in a small makeshift campsite overlooking Shipwreck Cove.

(Note: There's a building nearby with a different model of telescope on its observation deck. Ignore this: it's not part of the challenge.)

Finally, there's one on the very tip of an outcrop of coastline southwest of Sweaty Sands, directly across the bay from Fort Crumpet and overlooking a small island chain.

Where to Investigate Downed Black Helicopter in Fortnite

To investigate the downed black helicopter, head to an area of the map that's north of Misty Meadows and west of Lazy Lake.

The helicopter crash site almost dead centre between a main road to the west, an island to the south, and a strip of primal wilderness to the east.

Once you reach it, press the interact button to Tune the helicopter's radio.

There doesn't seem to be much method to this part; just skip backwards and forwards through the channels for a few moments until an India Oscar radio message appears onscreen and the quest marks itself as complete.

Where to Use CB Radio in Fortnite

There are five CB radios located around the map. The radios emit a blue glow when you're close by, but can still be difficult to spot from a distance during the day unless you know where to look.

You need to interact with all of them and listen to their messages to complete the quest. This can be done in any order, and doesn't need to be completed in a single match.

Just north of Stealthy Stronghold there's a raised shack near to the shoreline. You can find a CB radio under its supports.

There are a series of small islands west of Slurpy Swamp. One of them is home to a campsite and a number of shipping containers. You can find a CB radio set up next to one of the containers.

There's a log cabin north of Catty Corner, between the two small snowy mountain peaks. You can find a CB radio outside, against the back wall.

There's another group of shipping containers near the cliff edge to the north-east of Steamy Stacks. Once again, you can find a CB radio set up next to one of the containers.

Finally, if you head to the FN Radio landmark east of Craggy Cliffs, you'll see a small outbuilding behind the radio station. A CB radio is set up against the shed's back wall.

Where to Place Warning Signs at Crop Circle in Fortnite

There's only one location for this quest: Colossal Crops.

This quest apparently still isn't available in the game yet — I skipped right from the CB radio quest to the TV sets quest. But if you visit Colossal Crops you can already see that the main field is now home to a distinctly otherwordly-looking crop circle.

Where to Destroy Spooky TV Sets in Fortnite

This (apparently) final quest in this questline requires you to find and destroy five spooky TV sets that have popped up in odd places across Fortnite's map.

Luckily, there are seven sets altogether, so you don't need to find all of them to complete the quest. Unluckily, they can be pretty hard to find. All of the TV sets are set out in the middle of nowhere, often in a spot shaded (or hidden?!) by trees, with a single lawn chair propped in front of them — spooky indeed. Fortunately, they're all close to a named location you can navigate by.

To destroy the sets, you need to interact with them rather than attacking them with your weapons. Once you've done all five you need, you'll still be able to find the locations, but the TV sets themselves will be gone. All that remains is that solitary lawn chair to mark the spot. If anything it's even creepier than before.

Below are the seven locations where you can find and destroy spooky TV sets:

On the tiny, sandy island out to sea north of Craggy Cliffs.

On the hilltop overlooking Lazy Lake from across the river.

In a copse of trees just behind the northeast corner of Holly Hedges.

The absolute westernmost point of the island's mainland, outside of Sweaty Sands.

In the campsite halfway up the south-western slope of the largest mountain, south of Catty Corner.

Between two trees in the little valley between two zipline towers south-west of Dirty Docks.

Across the river and south-east of Slurpy Swamp, on a rise overlooking the small island in the swamp with a weeping willow and a cabin.

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