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Days Gone's first big PC patch takes care of clunky mouse feel

The new PC patch for Days Gone brings a welcome change.

On Tuesday, Bend Studio released a small new update for Days Gone on PC. Although the game's PC port has largely been well-received, this week's 1.02 patch makes one important tweak.

If you spent any time with Days Gone on PC, you'll have no doubt felt how clunky mouse control was in the game. Part of that is intentional, of course, as movement and many of the character's actions rely on long, drawn-out animations. But it often felt like the game is unnecessarily delaying mouse response, leading many to believe there's a hidden dead zone.

This was a bug, it turns out, one fixed in this week's update. This won't magically make aiming and movement snappy in Days Gone, of course, but it's certainly going to offer better control. Read on below for the full change log.

  • Fixed camera issues when using a mouse.
  • Fixed difficulties with the mouse feeling like there is a “dead zone”.

Days Gone topped Steam's best-selling charts a few times, but ultimately attracted about half the players Horizon Zero Dawn managed at launch. This could even out over time as word of mouth carries it, but we won't know for sure until Sony releases official numbers.

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