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Stop asking Bend Studio if Days Gone 2 is happening, because it isn't: "Time to move on"

"When we have actual news to share it will come from our studio."

No matter how much you ask for it, Days Gone 2 isn't happening, and Bend Studio would like it if you stop asking about it.

Days Gone is a funny game. It was clearly meant to be one of Sony's tentpole, single-player titles it used to be known for, even taking the last spot in an E3 showcase many moons ago. However, it seems like behind the scenes it ended up being a bit of a dud - the game's director claims it sold as well as Ghost of Tsushima, but management made it seem like a disappointment. Critically it did fine, mostly on the positive side, but it wasn't the glowing reception a lot of other first-party Sony titles get. Still, it did get a PC release, and there are some fans that want a sequel, but Bend Studio's community manager Kevin McAllister has had to put any speculation about a Days Gone 2 to bed.

"I apologize to our Days Gone community for continuously getting fed false hope and poor information by people looking for likes," wrote McAllister. "It’s not fair to you all. We are currently working on a new IP, and when we have actual news to share it will come from our studio." McAllister is seemingly referencing a tweet from Days Gone's writer John Garvin, who recently shared that the original intention was for the game to spawn a trilogy.

In a tweet responding to a user saying that reports of a sequel being clickbait based on Garvin's tweets, McAllister noted that "all these type of headlines originate from previous developers, which puts us in a bad position. Like I said, people need likes. Time to move on."

Bend Studio obviously hasn't revealed what it's working on just yet, and there's been no indication as to when a reveal might happen, but at least in a year of constant layoffs and studio shutdowns, it's still around making something.

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