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Rust | How to get stone on Console and PC

Stone is a core resource in Rust. It comes in handy in any number of survival situations, whether you're building a shelter or crafting weapons.

Fortunately, stone isn't particularly hard to come by in Rust. However, if you want to farm it efficiently, it's still worth knowing the best places to look.

Where to find stone in Rust

In Rust, you can often find loose stones lying on the ground. Picking up a stone you happen to find will grant you 50x Stone resource, so it's worth collecting any you find.

However, you can be more methodical than this. If you head up into Rust's mountainous and hilly regions, you should find stone nodes. These pale grey rocks can yield up to 1,000x Stone apiece, depending on which tools you use to bash away at them.

How to mine stone in Rust

In order to effectively mine stones by hand, you need the right tools.

Amusingly, you can extract a decent amount of stone from a node by simply bashing it with a rock. You'll only get about 1/3 of each node's yield potential this way, but when you're starting out that's better than nothing.

Using the stone pickaxe on a stone node will net you about 2/3 of the potential yield.

However, if you want to pick up the full 1,000x Stone on offer, you need one of the following: a pickaxe, an icepick, or a jackhammer.

Setting up a mining quarry

In the later stages of the game, you even have the option to automate your stone mining activities.

Using a Survey Charge on an area of terrain will create a small crater in which you can place a Mining Quarry.

The good news for stone enthusiasts is that all Mining Quarries produce stone. They'll also give you a secondary resource, based on the biome in which they're placed.

What is stone used for in Rust?

Stone is a crafting component in the following items:

Weapons & Tools

  • Rock
  • Stone Hatchet
  • Stone Pickaxe
  • Stone Spear
  • Wooden Arrow
  • High Velocity Arrow
  • Handmade Shell

Appliances & Furniture

  • Furnace
  • Stone Furnace

Structures & Building Material

  • Building structure upgrade: stone tier
  • High External Stone Wall
  • High External Stone Gate
  • Stone Barricade
  • Sandbag Barricade
  • Concrete Barricade

Unfortunately, you can't use your trusty handheld rock weapon to demolish bits of your base. To find out how to do that, check out our guide to demolishing walls in Rust instead.

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