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After eight years of development, Rust has sold 12 million copies

As we power into 2022, the popular survival game passes an important milestone.

It’s a big day for Rust, the hugely popular survival game from developers Facepunch Studios. Announced via an official blog post on Steam, over 12 million copies of the game have been sold since the game was first released eight years ago.

This milestone was revealed following an eruption in popularity in 2021, thanks in large part to a portion of Twitch’s most popular streamers jumping into the game as well as Rust finally launching on consoles. The influx of new interest that came as a result helped achieve record player counts for the game, peaking at 267,211 concurrent on Steam.

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Some of the other stats shared in the blog post are quite interesting, too. While the 12 million units figure is of course the real eye catcher, the 1.1 million DLC packs sold also succeeds at raising eyebrows.

Not only that, but the selection of streaming figures lends credence to the impact Twitch had on the game’s success - with the game having 1.37 million concurrent viewers and over 300 million hours of streams.

As for the future of Rust, the blog post continues by ensuring that the update schedule will remain the same heading into 2022, with guaranteed monthly updates, hotfixes, and holiday events in the pipeline.

In addition, the post reveals a glimpse at the arctic monument that is due to be released “in the very near future”. This update will also come alongside new weapons, deployables, events, vehicles and animals, so Rust players have plenty to look forward to.

For those looking to jump into Rust this year, we’ve got a selection of guides that will making the early hours of your survival adventure considerably easier, like how to get cloth, how to get stone, and how to demolish walls.

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