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Battlefield 6's supposed reveal trailer leaks in full

The Battlefield 6 leaks just keep on coming.

The full cut of what could be - or may have been at one point - Battlefield 6's reveal trailer, has made its way online. Today's drop comes just a few days after we got a glimpse of in-game footage.

This is the trailer that produced all of the leaked screengrabs we've been seeing over the past couple of weeks. It seems whoever has access to the full thing seemingly got bored from holding it over people and decided to just publish the full cut.

This unfortunately means that the annoying black bar with the LOL guy meme is still present across all of the trailer's scenes. The original release of this, for some bizarre reason, also included a significant number of black frames, which caused the screen to flash with every beat of the trailer's ominous music.

Since then, Reddit users have cleaned it up a bit, upscaled it somewhat and synced the music. This cut by Mikalton (Trigger warning, flashing images) is the best so far. Though flashes have mostly been eliminated, we'd still recommend you use caution if you're prone to having epileptic seizures.

The bad news, of course, is that we've already seen most of these scenes, so while it's good to finally see them in context, this new cut doesn't offer much beyond reminding us that DICE is good at making exciting trailers. Some have claimed that this trailer was never meant for public consumption, and was instead designed for internal use.

I am a little hesitant to believe that, given DICE's love for revealing Battlefield games with in-engine trailers, before unleashing gameplay footage some weeks later. Whether this trailer, or some version of it, is what we get at Battlefield 6's reveal in June, remains to be seen.

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