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Space Run from "one-man studio" Passtech Games set for May release

Space Run from "one-man studio" Passtech Games has been announced by Focus Home Interactive. The PC game mixes strategy and space ship construction all in real time, all with a nod and a wink to '80s science fiction tropes and references.

space runSpace Run is as indie can you get as well, as it was developed solely by Sylvain Passot.

Here's the premise, which explains it better that I could:

"The year is 2525. You are captain Buck Mann, the most fearless, daredevil and the most broke of all the pilots in the galaxy. Your new job: you are a Space Runner, one of the space haulage contractors whose job is to transport valuable cargo from one end of the galaxy to the other... and one thing's for sure: it's going to be a bumpy ride. Not only do the cosmic highways regularly pass through asteroid belts of all sizes, but they are also used by dangerous and unscrupulous pirates armed to the teeth, whose fighters and battle cruisers will make short work of your transport vessel if you're totally unprepared. And finally, you will also encounter other galactic "drivers" with whom you are fiercely competitive, so take this opportunity to give them a friendly blast from your turbo lasers when you overtake them.

"Fulfill your contracts with gusto and your reputation will soar, opening the doors to new clients and more demanding and hazardous assignments... but which will also be more lucrative! The rewards earned from these missions will enable you to unlock new modules for your ship or upgrade those you already own: luxuries you can't afford to be without if you want to survive the mortal perils lurking in space. Turrets lasers, missile launchers, shield generators, thrusters, power plants and other modules will allow you to adapt to new combat situations in mid-flight that arise on your travels. Build, recycle, repair and reposition the modules and improvise as best you can to deal with the multiple threats you will face."

Players will be able to re-try the first missions all unlocked modules in order to improve their score. Players can then enter a "brutal race" with friends to finish each mission in the shortest time possible.

Check out the video below.

Space Run is set for release in May and will be priced under $10.

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