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Xbox One has no secondary, hidden GPU stresses Microsoft's Penello

Xbox One was rumoured to have a second GPU ages ago, amid theories that Microsoft was holding back the full potential of its console to further bolster it in new updates down the line. The company's product planning director Albert Penello has poured cold water on the claims.

It follows Phil Spencer's insightful Xbox One discussion at GDC, during which he commented on VR, pre-paid alphas and much more.

On that dastardly second GPU rumour, Penello had this to say to one gamer:

He then went to Reddit to shed some light on his alleged 'silence' on this matter, hsi overall position and his active responses to rumours circulating around the press sites.

"I didn't think it was festering because I thought I'd already commented on it. For some reason the DX12 announce seemed to make it resurface.

"A missed thread in that tweet string which I think is important - I'm not interested in calling out any site," he added. "I see a lot of things on a lot of sites that aren't right. If I see something here I try to correct it as well.

"My intention is not to give or take credibility from anyone. I'm just trying to set the record straight."

Can't say fairer than that, can you?

Via OXM.

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