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MGS 5: The Phantom Pain: "This is the game I really wanted to make," says Kojima

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain is a game that's made possible by the power of next-gen hardware. Series creator Hideo Kojima talks about what the new hardware allowed him to achieve.


Speaking with IGN, Kojima said, "This is the game I really wanted to make, because of hardware limitations, I was not able to do that until now."

"I've wanted to create a game like this for a long time, but due to hardware limitations, I wasn't able until now. I wanted to add as much freedom as possible, and that wasn't possible technology-wise.

"I had to make linear games, with cutscenes to make it more dramatic. But now, I can give the player as much freedom as possible," he added.

Part of creating a seamless experience with The Phantom Pain, according to Kojima, is allowing the game to be more accessible to players, "We wanted to make this game as accessible to people as possible, so in that regard we had to look at as many other company’s games as possible, and try to come up with something that’s more standard, with a standard set of controls," he explained.

The game's art director Yoji Shinkawa also added that despite the hardware challenges the team has faced with developing across a number of old and new consoles, the Fox Engine is making this transition easier by making the game less reliant on hardware, "We haven’t been too limited by [working on] several platforms. This is in large part to the Fox Engine, which “allows us not to be too reliant on specific hardware. We focus on what feelings we will convey to the player," he said.

Would you consider playing this game on an older console? Let us know below.

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