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Naughty Dog's approach to development explained by lead programmer - video

Naughty Dog lead programmer Jason Gregory has given an insightful presentation at the Semana Informática conference in Lisbon, discussing at length his career and dabbling in PS4 hardware.

Thanks SINFO do IST

During the talk; Gregory reflected on the past seven years of his career at Naughty Dog, and the learning curve that comes with development, the studio's approach to developing new projects, careers in games and of course, his experience of PS4 development.

One interesting take-away refers to the PS4's 8GB of memory. Gregory said, "Even in the PlayStation 4 you have 5 gigs, which seems like a lot but you’ll be amazed by how quickly it fills up."

Presently; Naughty Dog has confirmed it is now brainstorming ideas for The Last of Us 2 and new IP.

What do you make of the video above?

Via DualShockers.

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