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PS4 stock shortage to continue until northern summer

PlayStation 4 stock still isn't adequate, according to Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Andrew House, and won't meet demand in full for a few months yet.


"We’re struggling to keep up with demand," House told the Wall Street Journal of the PS4 at GDC.

"Conservatively, as we get into the early summer months, we’ll be closer to a full supply situation," he added.

Demand has been strongest in North America and Europe, the executive said, but sales are strong in all territories where the PS4 is available.

At last update, the PS4 led the Xbox One in cumulative global sales, with 6 million PS4 sales worldwide as of early March, while Microsoft hasn't said anything since announcing 3 million Xbox One sales in January.

According to the NPD, the PS4 has outsold the Xbox One in the US to date - pretty much the first time Sony has led the console war in North America since the PS2 era, although it's always had a very strong presence in Europe and especially Japan. Analysts expect the PS4 to close out 2014 with a 3 million sales lead on the Xbox One.

Thanks, Gamespot.

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