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Diablo 3 missing item fix coming this weekend, Wings of Valor delivery delayed for some

Diablo 3 players with missing items and gold since the last patch will get said items over the weekend, said Blizzard.


The fix will be applied to those who didn't even notice if any items were missing.

"Thanks to your reports and D3debug.tx files, we've been able to identify a very isolated number of players who did experience gold loss as a result of the missing gold/equipment/stash tab bug," said Blizzard. "We've developed a fix for this issue and are working to test and implement it by the end of the weekend.

"This fix should restore the full amount of gold lost as a result of the bug without any work required by the affected players. Note that you need not have reported the issue in this thread to be eligible for the fix.

"We sincerely apologize for any trouble this bug caused. The missing gold/equipment/stash tab should now be resolved and we hope to address any lingering issues associated with it before the launch of Reaper of Souls."

It was also noted that some users found the Wings of Valor perk for pre-orders of Reaper of Souls were not showing up immediately as promised.

"Early this afternoon, we ran a special script to award eligible players who have digitally pre-purchased Reaper of Souls their Wings of Valor," said the firm in a separate post. "This script completed this afternoon around approximately 5:00 pm PDT.

"Shortly after this script was run, we uncovered an issue that affected the delivery of the Wings of Valor for certain players. As a result, depending on when you digitally prepurchased the game, you may or may not have already received your wings.

"Players who pre-purchased Reaper of Souls before the script completed this afternoon will experience a delay in the delivery of their Wings of Valor. We’ve already developed a fix for this delay; however, we anticipate that the secondary script we’ll need to run to get the wings delivered to everyone will not complete until tomorrow morning at the earliest.

"We don’ t yet have an exact ETA to share for when the wings for this groups of players will be delivered, but we’ll be sure to provide an update in this thread as soon as we do."

Reaper of Souls releases Tuesday, March 25.

Thanks, Blue.

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