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Dark Souls 2 Walkthrough Part 2.5: A Shortcut From The Forest of the Fallen Giant to The Lost Bastille

An alternative route from the Forest of the Fallen Giant to a boss fight with the Pursuer and on to the Lost Bastille.


Note: this is an alternative route that begins immediately after you defeat The Last Giant and leads to a boss fight with the Pursuer and then a fast track to the Lost Bastille.

This route bypasses Heide's Tower of Flame and No-Man's Wharf, so it's easier but not recommended for completionists.

From the bonfire near the dead Last Giant go down the ladder and through the room with the lift. Go out the doorway and you'll find a locked a locked door on the right - use the Soldier Key and go up stairs. There are two guards here, kill them, and continue up the stairs. Do not go through the mist at this point, instead go up the stairs to the right of the mist and you'll find a Soul of Nameless Soldier and three Lifegems.

Boss Battle: The Pursuer
Reward: Soul of the Pursuer, Ring of Blades

This boss battle is different to the rest in that the best approach is to stay away from the Pursuer. When he prepares his shield and dashes forward, dodge to the right and counter attack. You'll get one or two attacks in depending on the weapon you have equipped. You can also counter after his three hit combo or glowing blue stab attack.

When he unleashes the three hit combo, try and evade the first two blows and work around behind him to avoid the third attack. With the blue stabbing attack you can dodge left or right. This fight can become tiresome as there are less opportunities to counter and heal yourself. Don't go wild, be patient and only counter attack when he tries any of the above. Don't bother with the crossbow in the corner either, it's not worth the effort.

Once the Pursuer is dead go through the opening in the rocks and up the stairs to the right. There's a birds nest here and you'll be taken to The Lost Bastille. Light the bonfire, now move down the path using the broken stone to get across the ledge. Around the far side of the structure you'll find a Radiant Lifegem and Large Titanite Shard.

Now go back over the broken stone to a balcony. Kill the enemy and go through the doorway. Kill the crossbow enemy and the dogs below and be careful of the exploding barrels. Once the room is clear of enemies go through the door and you'll find a coffer in the corner containing Antiquated Key and a Covetous Silver Serpent Ring.

Go back to the previous room and up the ladder. On the left you can exit the room and follow the path until you reach crates and barrels. Smash them to reveal a hidden door. Inside you'll find Lucatiel who gives you a Human Effigy.

You now have two courses of action. You can head through the room and fight numerous enemies, or you can use a Homeward Bone back to the last bonfire, using it to travel to Majula and follow the route through Heide's Tower of Flame and No-Man's Wharf.

Good luck!

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