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Elder Scrolls Online: Review Still Loading

Elder Scrolls Online early access has begun, but you won't see a review anytime soon.

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If you were hyped enough to spend the $80 - $100 for the Elder Scrolls Online: Imperial Edition, you began your adventure in the world of Tamriel this Sunday. Everybody else has to wait until Friday to jump in and experience Bethesda Online's first MMO. I've already started on the Early Access action, so my week will be spent exploring all that this new Tamriel has to offer. So when is our review coming?

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You'll be seeing a few reviews from different sites come Friday, April 4, but you probably won't see USgamer's. I've been playing in most of the beta sessions for Elder Scrolls Online, but I need to see how the game plays out in live. Is it the same? Has it improved? Is it any fun? And can Elder Scrolls Online capture the magic that made Skyrim a hit?

So I'll be head down in the game, digging deep to mine all the content offered and seeing if Elder Scrolls Online is the next big subscription MMO or the next big MMO to go free-to-play. I'll be stabbing monsters, talking to shopkeepers, and stealing everything that's not nailed down. In the meantime, if you're wondering what Elder Scrolls Online is, our video team has put together a great overview of the title.

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