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inFamous: Second Son - Quid Pro Quo, beat boss Augustine

Switch through multiple powers and follow this strategy to defeat Augustine.

SeconSonInfamous (2)


Meet up with Hank at the location marked on your map follow him up the pipe. Absorb the smoke and Smoke Dash through the pipe to destroy the first pillar.

When the first pillar is destroy the D.U.P. will attack. Use cover to thin them out and take out pillars as you get close to them Use Cinder Missile to destroy the larger D.U.P. foes and keep an eye on the map for the next pillar to target. Once all are destroyed follow Hank to the next level and smash the Core Relay.

Go up the ramp to Reggie but look out for auto-turrets on the top floor. When they reload move from cover to cover to sneak past them. Once you reach Reggie the Augustine boss fight begins.

Boss Battle: Defeat Augustine

If you follow this particular method you should be able to take down Augustine without too much hassle.There are pillars here that you can use to replenish smoke and as cover from her attacks.

Firstly you need to destroy the small rocks orbiting Augustine. Hit her with the Cinder Missile when she pauses her attacks. once they disappear, follow up with Smoke Shot. Be quick or the orbiting rocks will reappear. Once she falls to the ground, run up and kick her in the ribs.

You'll need to repeat this several times and doing so will earn you Orbital Drop. When it does, use it to finish off Augustine.

There's more to do though - fight the enemies that arrive to help her using movement and cover. Cinder Missile is good for beating the weaker D.U.P. agents, and once the bigger ones are down be prepared to take Augustine on again.

All that changes here is that you use the Video Torrent power to fight instead of Smoke and Bloodthirsty Blades instead of Cinder Missile. Again, knock out the orbiting rocks and follow up with the more powerful shot. After a few more kicks to the ribs, you'll earn Hellfire Swarm - call it in an finish Augustine for good.

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