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Infamous: First Light will contain Battle Arenas and you can play as Delsin

Infamous: First Light will contain re-playable Battle Arenas which contain worldwide leaderboards, Sucker Punch has announced.

You can catch a glimpse of it in the gamescom 2014 trailer below.

As part of the single player narrative, Augustine uses these arenas within Curdun Cay to train conduits into killers. Fetch will take part in the arenas and must defeat wave upon wave of challenges which will help upgrade her powers.

If you still have your copy of Second Son, you will be able to play as Delsin in these Battle Arenas.

New key characters such as Brent and Shane will be met by players as they explore the open world of Seattle using Fetch's neon powers.

Skill points can be gained to increase powers sets, there are new upgrades as well. If you pre-order the game you will get the D.U.P Fetch.

The game releases digitally in North America on August 26 and in Europe on August 27, it was announced in June. InFamous First Light is also coming as a standalone PS4 Blu-ray disc in Europe on September 10.

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