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inFamous: Second Son - The Gauntlet, climb the Space Needle, Orbital Drop

Scale the Seattle landmark and claim the Orbital Drop power.


You can't miss the Space Needle on the map, it's the big star inside a large square. Head over to the marker and press up on the dpad to start the mission.

Firstly, use the ladder and climb to the vent in the roof. Smoke Dash to the wall above you and climb up to find a another vent. Use this to launch yourself and use Hover and Smoke Dash to get higher up and grab the ladder. Continue up the Space Needle until you get to the observation deck. There are a handful of D.U.P. agents to take down here, then use the vent to reach the top of the Space Needle.

Be sure to keep moving when you encounter the agents, using a combination of Smoke Shot, Cinder Missile and melee attacks.

Now you can destroy the Core Relay and absorb the Orbital Drop power. Now you have to subdue three downed D.U.P. agents. As instructed destroy the Comms Center in the Space Needle to end the mission.

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