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Watch Dogs PS4 does 1080p/30FPS, Xbox One at 960p - report

Watch Dogs is the next game to get scrutinised under the big resolution magnifying glass, and it seems PS4 has the edge over its closest rival.

It follows Ubisoft's confirmation that Watch Dogs will come with an 8-player free mode. There's also this new trailer, which confirms the game's new May 27 launch date.

The rumblings began over at The Arab Gamer, which claims Ubisoft laid out the following resolution and frame-rate setting during a press event:

  • PS4: 1080p/30fps
  • Xbox One: 960p/30fps
  • PC: up to 4K/framerate varies

The report was then backed up by this tweet from NeoGAF insider Shinobi602 who had this to say in February:


These are just claims however, so do approach them with an air of caution.

Do you care? Let us know below.

Via OPM.

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