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Trion Worlds announces Glyph, a DRM-free digital platform for PC

Trion Worlds has announced its new DRM-free digital platform for PC called Glyph.

The digital platform will offer both third-party and Trion titles.

Trion stated the platform will be consumer and developer friendly with all titles "selivered free from the Digital Rights Management (DRM) utilities that cause so many problems for gamers, while single-player games will not require an always-on connection in order to be played."

"In the past three years, we've reached more than 10 million gamers, supported 25 million transactions, and more than 50 million downloads have happened across our network," said Trion CEO Scott Hartsman.

"This shows that we've got an audience of dedicated gamers along with the technology and tools to meet their appetites. We're interested in making it easier for our players to discover games and developers we want to support, while boosting visibility for those developers in the increasingly crowded world of PC digital gaming."

Glyph is expected to be released with a full slate of launch partners at some point after GDC 2014.

Thanks, GI International.

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