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Amazon Bluetooth enabled game controller outed by Brazilian FCC - report

Shots of Amazon's purported Bluetooth-enabled game controller have appeared online.


The controller was posted on Dave Zatz's website, after the screens were pulled from the Brazilian FCC. The documents were filed by "Amazon Fulfillment Services Inc."

As you will note through the various shots posted on Engadget, the purported controller has two analog sticks, your standard four buttons, a d-pad and triggers.

There are all sorts of other buttons as well for media controls - like play, fast-forward, rewind - which could be used for anything from gameplay to watching Amazon video - we're guessing. It also has six LCD lights embedded.

According to the documents, the firm is using Foxconn Brazil to manufacture the controller.

We reported in January that Amazon is set to release a set-top box capable of streaming games this year, with a very competitive price.

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