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inFamous: Second Son - Zero to Hero, Bloodthirsty Blades, Video Torrent, Hellfire Swarm

Power Delsin up with 4 new powers; Invisible, Blood Thirsty Blades, Video Torrent and Hellfire Swarm.



Delsin begins the mission powerless and searching for a Core Relay. After the talk with Reggie head to the new objective. It's a long way off because you can't use powers, but once Reggie shoots the Core Relay soak it up and you have gain a new ability, to become Invisible.

Follow Reggie to the second Core Relay and you can absorb the melee power. You'll get attacked by the D.U.P. as soon as you earn this, so use your new invisibility powers to sneak up and take them down. Keep the D.U.P. agents away from Reggie so they don't do him any damage.

When Eugene takes you to the third Core Relay you will be able to absorb it and swoop out of the area. You can use this ability like you do Smoke Dash or Light Speed - to scale buildings and escape enemies quickly.

Now head to the objective for the fourth Core Relay. Absorb Bloodthirsty Blades - it's a power similar to Phosphor Beam so use it to destroy the helicopter that attacks here. Once the chopper is down, head to the fifth Core Relay.

Video Torrent works with a tap of R2 and fires off a an attack to take down the D.U.P. that begin to swarm the area. Eugene will also help out here with a bunch of his angel friends. Take out the flying demons where possible as they are the most lethal.

Use a rooftop position to pick off the D.U.P. and when they're all dealt with absorb the Hellfire Swarm to destroy the D.U.P. vehicles. That's it, mission over.

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