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Dark Souls 2 Walkthrough Part 7: Belfry Luna

Ding, dong - time to put a stop to the Bell Keeper invasion, ring the bell and take on the level bosses.


Inside the door you’ll find a chap - he’s your connection to the Bell Keeper Covenant. If you join you get the Bell Keeper’s Seal ring. Now go up the stairs to fight the Dark Spirit Bell Keeper. Lookout for these Dark Spirit Invaders - they’re deadly when they hit and dish out dark magic damage which can penetrate shields unless they have 100 percent dark magic resistance.

There’s a Skeptic’s Spice in the corner so pick that up then drop through the hole. You’ll take a little damage but there’s a coffer to sweeten the blow with a Blue Tearstone Ring. In the alcove in the corner you’ll find a Skeptic’s Stone. Go back up the stairs to the third floor.

As you go into the next room you’ll have to fight two Dark Spirit Bell Keepers and try to avoid the explosive barrels. Use the room to keep them separated so you can tackle one at a time but don’t move too far from them otherwise they will hurl fire at you. Now go up the ladder onto the next floor.

Fight another four Dark Spirit Bell Keepers. Again, use the space so you don’t have to take them all on at the same time. There’s a Skeptic’s Spice here, as well as two Radiant Lifegems in a chest and Twilight Herbs. Once you pull the lever you’ll ring the bell and unlock the gate blocking the exit mist on the floor below. Go through and brace for another boss fight…

Boss Battle: Belfry Gargoyle
Reward: Belfry Gargoyle Soul

This is one of those fights where the longer it drags out the harder it becomes. At the beginning there are only two Gargoyles but there can be up to six of them if it drags on for too long. They share the same health bar but you don’t want to have six of them all swinging for you at the same time.

If you watch their heads you can judge when they are about to breathe fire. They breathe fire when on the ground and while flying, so try and keep a middle distance. When in the air they may also dive for you, leaving them open to attack when they land. If they dive to your side, face them and block or dodge their blows.

Close up these guys use two other melee attacks - one from the front covering a circular radius, and an overhead attack. There’s not much range to their attacks and you can dodge them. Also look out for a lightning attack that circles the Gargoyle.

We recommend using ranged attacks if possible during this fight as you can stay clear of the Gargoyles and take then down much quicker than up close. If you’re fighting melee use a weapon with a wide radius and that deals a lot of damage, even if it’s slow.

Once the Gargoyles are dead you’ll find a Soul of a Proud Knight on the rooftop near the doorway. Go down the stairs and there’s a coffer with a Southern Ritual Band. There’s a bonfire through the next doorway so set it ablaze.

See that ladder on the right? Go down there and fight seven dogs and Vorgel the Sinner. You want to concentrate on killing the animals quickly and then take on Vorgel on his own. He’s fast and will come at you using quick attacks, parries and an attack that will knock your shield out of the way. Wait for a pause in his attack and fit in as many attacks as you can. Keep some healing items ready, you’ll need them.

Here you’ll find the Bastille Key in the hall and a Enchanted Falchion on the balcony above the ladders. The Bastille Key will help you unlock the doors at the end of two staircases right near the entrance to the boss battle with the Lost Sinner. The right-hand door gives you a Smooth and Silky Stone. The other lets you light fires in the boss battle which makes it a little easier. Additionally, at the top of the Lost Bastille the key will open a cell for a Petrified Dragon Bone and some Firebombs.

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