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Project Spark microtransactions scaled back after beta feedback, Spark Time to be removed

Project Spark developer Team Dakota has pared back its microtransaction system following complaints from participants of the game-maker's beta.

OXM reports that the previous model saw players paying for 'Spark Time,' which gave buyers more time to boost their XP gain and to sample paid tools and assets on top of their daily allowance. The whole Spark Time model is being removed following player feedback.

Store items can still be bought individually using in-game tokens purchased with real money, while Spark Power; a paid booster that grants additional upload slots beyond the starting three, has been revised.

Here's a list of update notes from Team Dakota:

  • - We are removing Spark Time
  • - Players will be able to play anything created in Project Spark, without any time limitation or DLC ownership requirement.
  • - Spark Power is being renamed to Spark Premium, and the cost will be reduced.
  • - Spark Premium bonus will remain at 200% of credits earned and 200% of XP earned.
  • - We are changing the number of upload slots to accommodate both casual and highly engaged creators

(1) Users who download and play Project Spark as of today (3/18/2014) will have a default three (3) upload slots after creating their free Project Spark account
(2) All accounts activated via beta key during our closed beta program (played the game prior to 12:01am Pacific on 3/18) will continue to have 5 free slots.

  • - Additional Upload Slots can be unlocked by purchasing Spark Premium

(1) Two permanent additional upload slots with purchase of 3 months of Spark Premium.
(2) Five permanent additional upload slots with purchase of 6 months of Spark Premium.
(3) Twelve permanent additional upload slots with purchase of 12 months of Spark Premium.

  • - Anyone who acquired a month of Spark Power within the last 30 days will:

(1) Receive 24,000 credits. (the previous cost of a month of Spark Power)
(2) Continue to receive the XP and Credit bonus

What do you make of the changes above?

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