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inFamous: Second Son smoke & neon gameplay videos

inFamous: Second Son reviews are dropping now, which means we can show you some gameplay from the final PS4 code. We've got two videos that show off Delsin's smoke and neon powers at different times of the day.

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Here are the videos:

Daytime smoke combat:

Neon night battle:

As you can see from my clips; Delsin can switch between his smoke and neon powers by absorbing sources of either skill from across Seattle, such as chimneys and fluorescent signs. They each have lethal and passive move sets that can either subdue or kill your enemies. Being nice nets you good karma of course.

The city itself looks quite different depending on the time of day, and traversal also changes a fair bit depending on what power you're using. Neon lets you run up the side of buildings, while smoke sees Delsin blasting through vent shafts on street level, all the way up to the roof. However, you need to find said vents first. Neon also lets you run insanely fast, while smoke lets you teleport through the air.

Have a look at the videos and let us know what you think below.

inFamous: Second Son drops March 21 on PS4.

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