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Fortnite "has evolved" and the team is making "tremendous progress," says Epic

Fortnite has evolved since it was first announced during the since it was announced during the VGAs in 2011, according to Epic Games.

Speaking with RPS during GDC, Epic engine GM Ray Davis said hopefully the team will be able to "talk about it" soon.

“I would say it has evolved. Like all game development, it’s a long, long road and lots of things are discovered along the way,"said Davis. “With Fortnite, the way I look at it is we think there’s a big opportunity, and the last thing you want to do is rush something before it’s really found its core.

"The team’s been working really hard. I think they’ve made some tremendous progress. Hopefully we’ll be able to talk about it more soon. I can say that it’s a tremendous amount of fun to playtest.”

Epic has not stated when it plans to re-reveal the game.

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