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Dark Souls 2 producer talks PC delay, possibility of world events

Dark Souls 2 producer Tak Miyazoe has said due to the PC version's server-based system, it's possible world events could occur in the future.

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Speaking with GamerHub TV - via Shack - Miyazoe said while world events are not in the present plan, the content could be added at a later date once players become familiar with the current online system.

"One of the main reasons why we wanted to re-visit the game server system was for that added level of role-playing in the online world, itself," Miyazoe said. "The Covenants have been improved. The new game servers, based on the beta we had last year, we noticed that there's a lot of online activity, a lot of players leaving blood messages, a lot of ghosts being seen.

"It obviously adds a new level to the online system itself."

Miyazoe also talked about the PC version's release delay compared to the console version, stating since the team has the game in mind for PC from the start, they wanted to get it just right.

"We apologize for the delay, but we did spend time working on the PC version, making sure that we do attend to higher resolutions, higher framerates, and also keyboard mapping most controls," he said.

Dark Souls 2 release on PC April 25.

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