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Thief Walkthrough Client Job 4: The Carnal Connoisseur

In this Client Job you'll complete Aerial Takedown and No Kills or Knockouts challenges, as well as walk away with the Octopuss.


In this job you can't complete all Thieving Challenges in one play-through, but don't worry, as we'll show you how to Remain Undetected, complete an Aerial Takedown and Lift All Loot Items. You can also easily complete No Kills of Knockouts on your second play-through.

Thieving Challenges

• Remain Undetected - 225 G
• No Kills or Knockouts - 115 G
• 1 Aerial Takedown - 70 G
• Lift All Loot Items - 290 G

You Must complete Chapter 4: A Friend in Need to unlock this client job from Vittori.

Objective 1: Steal the Octopuss

Head upstairs when the job begins and you'll see an anchor beam when you look outside. Fire a rope arrow to the beam and then check out the guard below. You can leave him alone or pop him with a Broadhead arrow. Anyway, leap to the rope so you can easily get into the house.

Once inside loot the room and head through the door into the bedroom. Loot again, but be wary that the servant doesn't see you while he's talking to the collector. Avoid the servant when he moves (or knock him out) and climb out the east window.

There's a poppy on the ledge, so grab it before dropping into the alley. Pickpocket the guard, loot the surrounding area and jump back on the rope and climb up through the same window.

Head downstairs to loot the area and the two tables. Behind the east door is a guard, so take out the lights with a Blunt arrow, sneak into his room and loot, loot, loot. He's standing in the way of some loot, so distract him with a bottle to get him out the way and pick his pocket when he walks off. This guy is a chump but he's quick, so use the razor tool to lift The Court of Montonessi (9/12) - What Is There Cannot Be Seen.

There's plenty to loot on this floor so make sure you take out lights with blunt arrows and take your time to avoid the guard. There's another guard downstairs in the cellar.

Now head back upstairs and out of the eat window. See those torches on the east wall? Hit them with water arrows and drop behind the guard and help yourself to his pockets. Climb the crates nearby and work your way clockwise around the yard to the cellar stairs. This is the best spot for an Aerial Takedown, but bear in mind there are two guards on patrol so use distractions where possible to remain hidden.

To take out the guard in the cellar hit the lights. Loot the cellar quickly before he turns them back on. When he's back on his patrol pattern look for two switches on the west wall painting. The combination for the safe is 8-1-2 but be aware this guy is persitant so you may have to enter one number at a time to keep out of his way.

When the panel shifts and reveals a hidden doorway, enter and close the door behind you. Inside you'll find loads of loot, including Client Loot (7/8) - Octopuss.

Objective 2: Escape the Collector's Lodge

Switch on focus and you'll see a loose brick in the wall. Press it and a secret room opens up. Head inside and loot the place, taking Whiteridge's Duty (4/6) - The Virtuous Lady, giving you all three of the jobs Collectible Loot Items.

Then just make your escape. Take you time if you left everyone alive, backtracking until you end up through the bathroom window and onto the ledge where you started. All done.

Thief walkthrough – complete all Client Jobs, unlock Working Overtime & solve all puzzles.

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