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Find your perfect match with the Square Enix Valentine's sale

A Valentines's sale is live on the Square Enix Store, but trust us: there's nothing lovey-dovey about any of these PC titles.

Along with the main sale, customers can choose two titles to games, er, "date" - by picking one title and finding a "match" for it. Sort of like a dating service.

These game matches will run you £1.99/€2.49/$2.99 and will only be available February 13-15.

As of today, though, other titles on include the Eidos Anthology, which for €30.99 includes 34 games with DLC across eight franchises.

There's also Legacy of Kain Collection, Thief Collection, Battlestations Collection, Kane and Lynch Collection, Deus Ex Collection, Hitman Collection, Just Cause Collection, Tomb Raider Collection and Murdered: Soul at a discount.

Hit up the store for all the savings.

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