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DayZ roadmap revealed: crossbows, fireplaces, vehicles, ragdoll physics and more

Dean Hall has outlined the 2014 roadmap for zombie survival sim DayZ, with the next update possibly due as soon as two weeks time.

Crossbows and bows and arrows are due in the immediate future according to the developer, who described them as a “labour of love” by the team.

Speaking at EGX Rezzed today he said that the next update will roll out in two weeks as a “best-case scenario“, or the end of April as a “worst case scenario“.

Players will be able to track their arrows and bolts and reclaim them. This will lead into better hunting mechanics further down the line, said Hall, who noted that The Elder Scrolls Skyrim has been a big influence in terms of hunting and skinning animals.

Fireplaces are also due imminently, with the team consulting with the developers of Project Zomboid, with plans to upgrade fireplaces to ovens.

Ragdoll physics, neutral animals and persistent objects are due around the second quarter of the year, and Hall briefly revealed an image of an AK-47 for the third quarter update.

Advanced animals will come later (quarter 3) such as wolves and bears, as well as companions including dogs and horses.

Zombie behaviour will be stabilised in the second quarter and advanced in the third quarter. And loot will be controlled centrally - Hall said the team has been paying attention to game such as EVE Online to ensure balancing is fair.

Barricading - putting woods on doors to protect buildings - “will dramatically changed the game,” said Hall, particularly combined with better and more aggressive zombie behaviour.

Vehicles will roll out in the third quarter - just simple bicycles, ATVs or small cars to begin with but in the fourth quarter and beyond the team will roll out advanced vehicles - helicopters, boats, planes, trucks with upgradable components.

Attachments for weapons will also be upgradable in a similar way to vehicles, confirmed Hall.

The standalone, retail release of DayZ has made in upwards of 1.7 million sales.

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