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Dark Souls 2 Walkthrough Part 1: Things Betwixt & Majula

Let's get started by creating your Dark Souls II character, completing the tutorial and exploring the hub world.


Following the first cinematic head through the bush, up the stairs and over the bridge. Head into the hut and watch another cutscene and create your character. Now head back out through the door and down to the cart on the left. Behind it you'll find a Soul of the Lost Undead and a torch. Light the fire and walk through the opening on your right.

You're now ready for combat training. Head into the first mist (on the left) and follow it to the end where you'll find a Dagger and two enemies to tackle. Head back to the main path and on the left you'll see another mist. You'll practice movement and combat here and at the end of the area are two Amber Herb items.

Keep going down the path to the next mist area on the left. Once you knock down the tree go across the gap and fight the enemy then head down into the area below and kill the other enemy. Climb out using the ladder and fight another enemy before heading into the mist.

On your left you'll need to fight another enemy, knock down another tree and get back on the main path. You are now ready to enter Majula, the main hub for Dark Souls II.

Majula - Where do you go first?

Head down the path towards the dead knight and to the left you'll find a Divine Blessing. In the opening to the left you'll find the entrance to the winding tunnels, head through and you'll find Lifegems and Homeward Bones just after the other dead knight. Walk up the stairs into the building, open the door on the left and kill the enemy inside. Here you'll be able to pick up Lloyd's Talismans.

Go back the way you came and keep going down the path to light the next bonfire. Speak to the woman in black. You can now level up at bonfires and you'll receive the Estus Flask, essential for healing. Now head over to the hut on the left and speak to the man outside. Walk around the right of the hut and you'll find the Soul of the Nameless Soldier and a Lifegem. There's another Lifegem on the far left under a tent. There's a doorway to the right of the tent, go through it and head downstairs into the hallway on the right.

Move in the opposite direction, toward the hut to the left. Speak to the man who's locked out, then head around to the right of the hut to find Soul of a Nameless Soldier and Lifegem. Head across to the far left to find another Lifegem under a tent. Enter the doorway to the right of the tent, then head down the stairs and into the hallway on the right. In the middle of the winding stairway you'll find a coffer with a Crimson Parma.

Go down the stairs and you'll find a lever. Pull it and head through the door to take the Soul of a Lost Undead and a Broken Thief Sword. Go back the way you came, up the stairs and you'll find another lever - pull it.

Now go back to the camp, turn to the left and go up the hill. If you kneel before the stone you'll join the Company of Champions covenant. There are Homeward Bones to the left of the stone. Now head back to the bonfire and vere right and you'll find another hallway. On the right you can get a coffer with a Rusted Coin.

Keep going down the hallway and through the left passage pulling the lever at the end to open the gate. Go over the bridge then head left and across the plank. Inside the chest at the end you'll find a Human Effigy. Jump across to the area behind the chest and you'll come across another Homeward Bone and a Soul of the Lost Undead. Now head down the river and prepare yourself for the Forest of the Fallen Giants.

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