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EAFC 24 Cheap 85, 86, 87, 88 and 89-rated players for SBCs

SBCs require top-notch players, but you don't have to pay top-notch prices!

Ada Hederberg, the cheapest 89-rated player in EAFC 24 Ultimate Team
Image credit: EA Sports/VG247
14th June 2024: We updated our list of cheap EAFC 24 players.

EAFC 24 Ultimate Team has more meta players than ever before. That’s thanks to the introduction of women’s leagues and Playstyles, giving players access to more of the world’s top professionals, while also turning some previously irrelevant players into true competitors with unique powers.

However, when the time comes to part with some of those players to complete a particularly juicy Squad Building Challenge, you need the cheapest high-rated players in EAFC 24 to maximise the bang for your buck.

Whether it’s promo cards or pack rewards you’re after, SBCs are often where you will get the goods to make big improvements to your Ultimate Team in EAFC 24.

But in order to access those best rewards, you will need to turn in high-rated squads with a stratospheric overall average. Reaching that goal doesn’t always mean handing over some wordies though, many high-rated players aren’t as incredible as their stats suggest in-game and can be picked up relatively cheaply.

These include lots of high-rated women’s goalkeepers, who can feel underpowered because they’re literally shorter than their male counterparts. As well as many slow strikers and defenders who aren’t very popular because of the physical demands on players in those areas of the pitch.

With that in mind, so you can get the biggest benefits with the smallest investment, here are the cheapest 85, 86, 87, 88 and 89-rated players in EAFC 24.

EAFC 24 Cheap 85-rated players

Kieran TrippierRB4,000
Jack GrealishLW4,000
Becky SauerbrunnCB4,000
Amandine HenryCDM4,000
Khadija ShawST4,000
Aymeric LaporteCB4,100
Svenja HuthRM4,100
Rachel DalyST4,100
Millie BrightCB4,100
Keira WalshCDM4,100
Katie McCabeLB4,100
David AlabaCB4,200

EAFC 24 Cheap 86-rated players

Paulo DybalaCF6,000
Lea SchüllerST6,000
Jamal MusialaCAM6,000
Wojciech SzczęsnyGK6,100
Lindsey HoranCM6,100
Christopher NkunkuCF6,100
Toni KroosCM6,200
İlkay GündoğanCM6,200
Dani ParejoCM6,200
Riyad MahrezRM6,200
N'Golo KantéCDM6,200
Andrew RobertsonLB6,200

EAFC 24 Cheap 87-rated players

Ewa PajorST8,100
Martin ØdegaardCAM8,300
Gregor KobelGK8,300
Luka ModricCM8,400
Lautaro MartínezST8,400
Manuel NeuerGK8,500
Lucy BronzeRB8,500
Sandra PañosGK8,500
Beth MeadRW8,500
Lena OberdorfCDM8,500
Son Heung-minLW8,600
Fridolina RolföLB8,600

EAFC 24 Cheap 88-rated players

Joshua KimmichCDM12,000
Patri GuijarroCM12,000
Irene ParedesCB12,250
Wendie RenardCB12,250
Guro ReitenLW12,250
Christiane EndlerGK12,250
Bruno FernandesCAM12,500
Bernardo SilvaCM12,500
Alexandra PoppST12,500
Victor OsimhenST12,500
Marie-Antoinette KatotoST12,500
Antoine GriezmannST12,750

EAFC 24 Cheap 89-rated players

Jean-Pierre PapinGK24,750
Virgil van DijkCB25,000
Mohamed SalahRW25,000
Mapi LeónCB25,000
Jari LitmanenCAM25,000
ter StegenGK25,250
Alex MorganST25,500
Ada HegerbergGK25,500

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