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Good news, EA FC 24's latest update finally stops your beloved 'Steve from the chippy' from being erased

All of your hard work no longer has to go to waste with every new squad update.

A created player in EA Sports FC 24.
Image credit: VG247/EA

You know those incredibly detailed replicas of every member of your family, including your beloved local pseudo-celebrities, that you’ve spent hours creating as players in EA Sports FC 24? Well, thanks to the game’s latest title update, they’re no longer in grave danger.

This wonderful news comes shortly after a bit of a trying time for EA FC players, at least on the Ultimate Team side of things, with a sudden game of Rodri-based spot the difference having given us all a giggle midway through last month. Now, we’re back in update territory, and it’s a pretty small one, but hopefully a useful one nonetheless.

Yup, it’s time for title update number ten, and one of the big things it does is fix a long-running issue that’s seen folks have appearances of their created players be reset to the default every time they download a fresh squad update. Yes, since about October last year by the looks of it, all of those little virtual people you’ve spent hours moulding the faces of and ensuring that their eyebrows are just perfect have been living on the edge of oblivion.

Now they should be safe, although one person on the EA FC’s forums does say that if you’ve decided to have a player rock a tight-fitting kit, they might still end up swapping that for a kit with a normal fit when you grab some fresh squads. So, things might not be totally ideal, but at least the faces of your gang of recreations of all of your favourite people from your actual life should be ok.

The version of the guy named Steve that runs your local takeaway who’s a right back for Newcastle, he’ll be ok. The version of the delivery person you don't know the name of who’s taking the Spanish second tier by storm, he’ll be ok. The dog walker that somehow goes past every time you’re putting your bins out, who you acknowledge because you feel you have to, but wouldn’t in any other situation; the version of them that’s dominating the landscape of the women’s game, they’ll be ok.

Now we’ve established that, here’s quick rundown of the other important stuff the update does. Issues with “shot and pass canceling not occurring when requested”, they should be gone. Ultimate Team matches pausing at “unintended moments”, that should no longer be a thing. Oh, and “some player models, kits, badges, and balls” have been updated.

Got it? Good.

If you’re planning on jumping into EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team soon, now that your beloved virtual friends are safe, make sure to check out our guide to the best cheap top-notch players to use for SBCs.

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