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EA FC 24's next update stops you from causing issues by cheekily trying to evolve players twice

Also, shots taken with the outside of your foot are set for a nerf.

An Evolution player in EA Sports FC 24.
Image credit: VG247/EA

Look what time it is! Time for a new EA Sports FC 24 update. This one comes with plenty of changes as per, with the biggest ones being good news for Ultimate Team lovers who’re at risk of misplacing their evolved players and bad news for folks who like firing off outside foot shots.

It’s been an interesting time in EA’s footy sim over the past week or so. The big news has been an SBC with a design issue dishing out far too many TOTY Messis before it was quickly taken offline, but there’ve also been some problems with pro clubs not allocating points properly.

Following on from its predecessor, title update number nine includes some updates to the likes of player models - but unlike update eight, its main Ultimate Team bug fix aims to save you from yourself. Picture the scene. You, whether by accident or in a moment of pure hubris, put “a previously Evolved Player Item in an Evolution slot”. As outlined in the update’s notes, your lapse in judgement now shouldn’t cause any stability issues.

From an on the pitch gameplay perspective, the biggest change looks to be a substantial nerf to outside foot shooting. Regardless of whether the player you’re attempting one of them with has the trivela playstyle or not, you’ll find smashing it with the outside of your boot to be less effective, less accurate, and less useful for putting top spin into a shot. So, it looks like finesse might be the way to go the next time you’re in front of goal.

There’ve also been some improvements made to teammate AI when it comes to cutbacks and how refs call fouls when players are trying to clear the ball out of the box.

The final fix I’ll mention here aims to stop pyrotechnics from randomly popping up in the middle of the pitch “on rare occasions” in Ultimate Team. I feel your pain, firework lovers.

Title update number nine for EA Sports FC 24 is set to arrive on PS4 and Xbox One soon, before arriving on other platforms “in the near future”.

If you’re planning on jumping into EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team soon to definitely not evolve an already evolved player, make sure to check out our guide to the best cheap top-notch players to use for non-malfunctioning SBCs.

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