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Good news, EA's finally tackling the issues with FC 24 pro clubs, so you shouldn't suffer more worthless wins

That tastes like…promotion hopefully being possible again!

Frenkie De Jong in EA Sports FC 24.
Image credit: VG247/EA

Last week was a pretty tumultuous one in the world of EA Sports FC 24, but at least EA’s now taken some action aimed at rectifying the problems people have been running into in pro clubs for a little while now.

In case you missed it, an SBC with a design issue released back on January 30 dished out far too many TOTY Messis before it was quickly taken offline and the EA FC community wasn’t exactly satisfied with EA’s response to the mishap. While that was going on, some pro clubs players were running into equally frustrating issues that should hopefully be rectified today.

As of writing, EA should be just about wrapping up some scheduled maintenance to the game across all platforms that’s designed to “resolve issues observed in Clubs”. Currently, things are set to come back online some time soon after 10:30 AM UTC/05:30 AM ET today - that’s February 6.

If you’re wondering what the problems have been, it seems the main one centers around an error message popping up at the end of clubs matches. At this point, you and your team should be dished out some division points if you won or drew the match - it’s the usual three for a W, one for a tie system -, but in instances when the error pops up, you end up with nothing.

“After the game, the score is recorded in the [calendar], but any points for a win or a draw are not recorded, so there is no way to progress from division [to division],” one player explained in a bug report. “For example, we won two matches last night giving us 6 points. We need 7 to go to the promotion stage but our tally is still displayed as 0/7 in the clubs league menu. The average ratings/assists/goals are registered and the result is registered on the club calendar.”

So yeah, getting stuck in clubs purgatory, especially one that looks like it’s lasted a fair amount of time given that the issue was first reported by some players about a week ago. All we can hope is that today’s maintenance managers to permanently sort this and any other clubs issues.

If you’re planning on jumping back into EA Sports FC 24’s Ultimate Team for Team of the Year when the game’s back online, make sure to check out our guide to the best cheap top-notch players to use for non-malfunctioning SBCs and what’s in EA FC’s latest title update.

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