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Dark Souls 2 Walkthrough Part 15: Brightstone Cove Tseldora 

Prepare for fights with Magus, the Congregation and the Duke's Dear Freja


This area starts with fights and loot - excellent.

Enter the tent and fight the three enemies there, then head left for another fight and three Souls of a Nameless Soldier, a Large Soul of a Proud Knight, and Peasant Attire. Smash the wooden tower for 15 Lacerating Arrows and use them on the guard in the tower ahead.

Go right into the campsite and kill the pigs then head into the tent furthest away. Light the bonfire and break the pots near the guard tower for a Large Soul of a Nameless Soldier. Near the well is a Titanite Shard.

Walk up the mountain path and drop down into the well. There are three Holy Water Urns for you here. Go into the tunnel and climb the ladder to find a chest of five Human Effigies. Now climb out using the rocks and go over to the ladder on the left of the campsite but be careful as an enemy will try and drop a rock on you. Dodge it, then grab the Soul of a Nameless Soldier, go up the ladder and kill the enemy. If you smash the wooden thing there you'll get a Soul of a Brave Warrior.

When you climb back down you'll have to fight four new enemies.

Head to the next clearing and you'll come across a Large Titanite Shard and three enemies. They've been guarding a door - open it and go into the tunnel.

On the left is a room with a chest containing a red orb that spawns spiders. Quickly step back into the tunnel and fight them one at a time. If they jump on you it's instant death. If you have a Firebomb it's a good weapon to kill them off with. Inside the chest you'll now find 20 Heavy Bolts. Go through the opening on the left and through the mist for a mini boss battle.

Boss Battle: Prowling Magus and his Congregation
Reward: Titanite Slab

You're about to face Magus, two of his Congregation and a bunch of followers. They use ranged magic to attack which means you'll be doing a lot of evading unless you have a shield that can absorb 100 percent magic attacks.

Use the benches here to protect yourself from the ranged magic attacks and kill the followers. They're easy enough to kill but you'll also smash the benches at the same time, so be careful not to leave yourself open to magic. Take the followers out first and then you can deal with the rest of the enemies.

Next, target the two Congregation members. Again, these guys are pretty weak. Don't worry about them casting spells as you can still stun them, but when Magus begins charging an attack keep your distance. His attack is a short burst radius that can be dangerous if you're caught up in it.

Once you've killed everyone here, go to the room at the end of the area, through the opening on the right and around the corner for a bonfire. Light it, then go downstairs where there's a Soul of a Proud Knight under the stairs.

Smash the pots in the next room for two Wilted Dusk Herbs and go up the stairs with a bow or other ranged weapon at the ready. Take down the spiders from a distance. Go down the rope and to the left there's a room at the end of a path.

Open the smaller door and you'll be attacked by a spider, but on the other side of the room there's pots containing Charcoal Pine Resin. There are other objects that you need to smash in order to go through an opening to another room.

Behind the door on the left is a Torch and beyond that another door leads to an enemy and a Titanite Chunk. Go back in the other direction and take out another enemy using a ranged weapon. Now go back to the room with the ropes. Go down and kill the mage and the spider, then head to the right down the hallway. In the next room are two more mages and a spider - kill the spider on the ceiling with a ranged weapon and take the Lightning Urns before going through the door and down the ladder

A spider will fall from the ceiling so kill it and the second one that appears. Light the bonfire and go through the door. There are more mages and more spiders here so use the previous room to fight the spiders when they follow, then go back and kill the mages. There's a Petrified Dragon Bone on the right. Go in the other direction and through the door on the right which goes back to the bonfire room. Break the pots and the shelves for a Pharros' Lockstone and a Flame Butterfly.

Go back outside and kill the enemy on the left. See that red bug? Shoot it and shoot it again otherswise it will get close and explode on you.

There's a door on the left, go in and kill the mage and the spider and smash the barrels. Behind the barrels is a small room with a spider and coffer containing a Crescent Axe and Soul Vortex.

Go back to the main room and pick up the Titanite Chunk, then through the door. What's worse than spiders? Spider zombies, and there are plenty here to kill. Now got through the doorway and up the stairs. Open the door and you'll see a Large Titanite Shard on a ledge. Take it and head back down to the area below towards the archway. Kill the enemy but watch out for the lethal mist.

When you go through the archway you'll be attacked from the left by an invader. Kill it and go down the wooden path through the doors but be careful as two zombie spiders drop down behind you. Kill 'em.

In the the next room are six spiders, all hanging from the ceiling. Stand in the doorway and shoot the spider on the far right. It will attack on its own so kill it and move into the room to trigger all five spiders dropping. Fight for your life.

Break the furniture for a Soul of a Hero and four Gold Pine Resin. A door here can only be opened when you have the Brightstone Key which you earn after the boss fight. Make a note of the room as you can come back here for a fight with seven spiders and the Black Knight Ultra Greatsword, Great Fireball, and Fire Seed.

Go back to the main room and pull the lever to open the right-hand door. Take the Homeward Bones Through the door on the left is a spider zombie and a ladder. Climb it and drop into the next area.

Head towards the web bridge and kill the spider that appears, as well as the spider that drops from the ceiling. Take the Torch and head down to the far side and smash the pots for a Pharros' Lockstone. Go across another web bridge and when you're halfway across drop to the webbing on your right and head in the opposite direction to a platform on the right. Kill the spider that drops down and take the Twilight Herb.

Go back down the webbing and as you hit the bottom you'll be attacked by five spiders - retreat back to the platform so they can't attack you from the rear.

Once they're dead you can take the Simpleton's Spice and five Corrosive Urns platform you were just on, and the Radiant Lifegem on the platform on the far side. Now head through the mist for the big boss fight.

Boss Battle: The Duke's Dear Freja
Reward: Soul of the Duke's Dear Freja

In this boss fight you need to attack Freja whenever you get the chance. Kill a few spiders to begin with but don't get distracted by them - Freja is the main target and she's deadly if she hits you.

She attacks from either side of her body or from the heads, although only one head is active at a time. Move close to one head and when she flinches, move around and attack the other head. Repeat this successfully and you'll avoid most of her attacks.

The two attacks you need to be careful of are a beam attack and a jumping attack. The beam is a 180 degree attack where you need to move quickly to the other side of her head to avoid it as it can't be blocked. When Freja jumps, stand under her and dodge as she comes in to land. Once she's dead finish off any remaining spiders.

Now go through the opening at the end and when you reach the room sneak in behind the Duke with a critical hit. Take the Brightstone Key, Fragrant Branch of Yore, and Dark Quartz Ring +1.

Go into the large room and when the slow enemy attacks dodge around him and counter from the back. Light the fire and head back to Majula.

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