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Fable Legends video reveals new gameplay info, possible return of dog companions

Fable Legends developer Lionhead Studios has released a new behind-the-scenes video that reveals some new details on how the world will work, and the way Villains interact with the good guys.

During the clip, game director David Eckelberry said of the possibility of companion pets, "we're looking at that one, especially some characters who have a pet all the time." He added there has to be some way for players to have "canine love," in Fable Legends.

Level designer David Bridle then added that each while each Fable Legends quest will be different, they will involve the player-driven Heroes and Villain crossing paths at some point. The aim isn't always to defeat the Villain, but the evil player will be able to drop traps and disrupt or troll players as they try to fulfil the objective.

It'll launch with one central town hub at launch, but more towns are being developed for post-launch release. It sounds like the world will grow over time, with the Heroes' stories evolving as they progress. You can customise their appearance, weapons and skills, and Lionhead has confirmed it will release new quests, maps and Heroes as DLC.

The team also teased a Hollywood-grade voice cast.

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Via OXM.

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