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Driveclub game director has left Evolution Studios

Driveclub has not only been delayed, it's also lost its original game director, with Col Rodgers jumping ship from Evolution Studios for the indie scene.


The news follows Driveclub's delay to go "back to the drawing board" in early March and lay-offs at Evolution and other Sony studios today, painting an unhappy picture for the PlayStation 4 racer project, but Rodgers has said his depurate is entirely unrelated to any alleged troubles with the project.

Rodgers said he has left Evolution in February in order to be able to spend more time with his family, as Evolution Studios is based in Cheshire, some 220 miles from his home. He has since founded Big Red Switch Games, an indie startup working "some cool game concepts".

"I left Evo on very good terms. BigRedSwitch games is merely my ‘Banner’ company that I’m using to develop my own games while I’m looking for work," he wrote in an email.

Rodgers parted ways with Sony in February, well in advance of today's Sony lay-offs, which have also been described as fairly amicable, arising from the studios themselves.

Rodgers replacement at the helm of Driveclub has not been confirmed.

Driveclub was announced when the PS4 was first revealed and has been delayed twice; we had expected it at the console's launch, free-to-play for PS Plus members, before it was pushed into early 2014. It currently has no release window.

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