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Monaco dev's next game is control pad RTS Armada

Monaco developer Pocketwatch Games is working on a real-time strategy designed to be played with twin analog sticks rather than keyboard and mouse.


Codenamed Armada, the project aims to recreate the RTS experience in a way that is control pad friendly - something that hasn't been very successful in the past despite efforts like Halo Wars, RUSE and Endwar - and to make an RTS that is both deep and accessible.

"Maybe it’s just nostalgia speaking, but I want to play an RTS game that feels like a battle of wits, not a battle of clicks," Monaco designer Andy Schatz wrote on the developer's blog.

"I want to compete at a high level, but I also want to be able to introduce the RTS genre to my friends at a party. I want an RTS where the strategy is creative and complex and the micro is accessible and fun."

Players will build bases, raises armies and battle - but although the team wants to ensure everything feels as fun as in a traditional keyboard-and-mouse RTS, it's making some significant changes to the formula. Players will not issue direct orders, instead acting independently according to their unit type's AI. However, some units will follow the Champion player character, allowing you to direct battle.

Competition, co-op and modding are all things the team is keeping in mind.

The project is only one month into development and as such has no release date or platform information.

Thanks, Eurogamer.

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